Good To Great


BHAG, Hedgehog Concept, Flywheel and Level 5 Leader mean something if you are a Jim Collins advocate like I am. All of the researched writings of this global influencer are page-turners if you are fascinated with leadership models, management and developing the best possible culture for your organization. Good to Great, Great by Choice and Built to Last in that order, have helped shape our company and offered guideposts to monitor progress. I appreciate the Chapter Summaries and Key Points as a reflective tool or teaser before reading the chapters which are dense, but enthralling. We also work with a fair number of non-profits and education entities that could, and have, benefited from the monograph Good to Great and the Social Sectors.

We encourage all of our clients during the Vision & Design phase of our process to learn more about the work and writings of Jim Collins to propel their organizations.

We are sharing our library of influential books that revolutionize thinking and encourage all of us to do our best work. What works for you?

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