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The concepts of motion, velocity, impetus and driving force are all contained within the word momentum and the definitive representation of the zeal in which we approach all of our work.



We believe all interesting endeavors are projects - driven by design thinking. Projects requiring collaboration stimulate imaginative solutions. Every project we develop or nurture has the potential to generate spectacular outcomes.



Moving past the scientific definition to inspire and cultivate a laboratory approach to project design. We view our own research, visioning and designing processes, development and creations as a place for experimentation and progressive thought.




Momentum ProjectLab empowers progressive thinking while transforming project design through immersive and experiential processes.


Energy and experience will transform your next big vision into a reality.


Project Design Architect delivering decades of proven leadership to conceptualize bold and progressive national music and arts initiatives. Collaborative visioning, design thinking, strategic planning and exemplary program implementation empower all stakeholders and enable boundless creative possibilities.

Patrick Bolek also specializes in creating immersive and experiential learning through project-based education programs for students, adults and community audiences.

He is a presenting consultant, arts education master plan designer, musician and author for a variety of organizations with his company Momentum ProjectLab.


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experiential & immersive education design

project-based learning design

curriculum & program content design

visioning & designing facilitation

strategic/master plan design & authoring

professional learning | design & facilitation