our process moves you from discovery to sustainability.


discover & assess

learn. capture. report.

Our team learns everything about the initiative and goals. We capture all evidence and aspects of the environment to understand the initiative. We report our observations and confirm the commitment to reimagine or build the project.



vision & design

ideation. collaboration. commitment.

Hybrid of exciting and liberating processes are used to capture the group thinking. All stakeholders collaboratively vision the future project together. After commitment is built, we design the project based on all the gathered ideation.



build & refine

prototype. feedback. respond.

Prototypes, iterations and frameworks are presented to gauge group enthusiasm. Our team harnesses all constructive feedback and candid responses to make refinements. Advances the project from status quo to extraordinary.



implement & sustain

launch. engage. preserve.

Presentation, approval and launch of the project with everyone actively engaged. Infrastructure systems and resources are also developed for your organization. Sustainable design allows for thoughtful implementation and project preservation.